Compiling LocalSolr

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While the best endeavors are made to keep the LocalSolr demo up to date.
It often slips behind the latest version in our repository.

This article will show you how to get the latest features, and bug fixes from
our repository.


  1. Subversion client
  2. Java 1.5
  3. Ant

Checkout the locallucene and localsolr code base.

svn co trunk

Next compile locallucene

cd trunk/locallucene
ant -lib lib/junit.jar
cd ../localsolr/

You will now be left with several sets of libraries that can get included in solr.
To install these into solr simply copy the following jars to solr's lib directory.
located in apache-solr-1.*/example/solr/lib



Configuring LocalSolr is in the LocalSolr article